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US Manned Spacecraft History And Photography
Apollo 13 — Odyssey
Kansas Cosmosphere And Space Center
Hutchinson, KS

Apollo 13

• Serial Number:109
• Flight:AS-508
• Mission:Apollo 13
• Nickname:Odyssey
• Crew:Lovell, Haise, Sweigert
• Launch Date:4-11-1970
• Flight Duration:5 Days, 22 Hours, 54 Minutes
Apollo 13 command module on display at the Kansas State Cosmosphere in Hutchinson, Kansas. The Cosmosphere is a world-class space museum, perhaps the best space museum on the planet. The Apollo 13 command module was disassembled after the flight as part of the accident investigation. Once the investigation was complete, parts of the spacecraft were sent to various different museums. The Cosmosphere brought all the parts together in the year 2000, and restored Odyssey to its post-flight condition. Odyssey is now on permanent display at the Cosmosphere.

Apollo 13 was to be the third moon landing, and it was to land at a little more interesting location than the previous two landings. But on the way to the moon, an oxygen tank exploded, crippling the spacecraft. The resulting struggle both on the ground and in space to use the LEM as a lifeboat, and to conserve water and power was one of NASA's finest moments.

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