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Aviation History And Aircraft Photography

Jungle Wreck

Airplane Photo

  • Type:   Aichi D3A Val
  • Venue:   Admiral Nimitz State Park
  • Location:   Fredricksburg, Texas
  • Date:  
  • Photo:   Minolta 7000i w/28-80mm Zoom
  • Photo:   Fuji Reala ASA 100 Color Print Film
  • Full Size Photo (~250kb)

This Japanese ‘Val’ dive bomber was shot down in the Pacific during WWII. It was located in 1971 and moved as-is to the Admiral Nimitz State Park in Fredricksburg, TX, where it was on display outdoors in their peace garden. The native Pacific plants makes the location look very much like a south seas island.

This aircraft is reportedly now being restored back to original condition, and may even make a flight before being placed in an indoors display building.

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