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Bronze Peanuts Statues

A Photo Tour Of Bronze Peanuts Character
Statues On Public Display In Saint Paul

Eagle Triangle Peanuts Tribute

Peanuts On Parade
This bronze statue of Charlie Brown was commissioned by the Cossetta and Mancini families of Saint Paul. It was created by the Tivoli Too studios using the same design as the Charlie Brown About Town series that were displayed across the city in 2001. Here we see Charlie wearing period clothes, a hat, and carrying a suitcase. Woodstock the bird is similarly outfitted.
Peanuts On Parade
Named Charlie Andiamo Americano, the statue is a tribute to the people of Italian ancestry who settled in the Levee area of Saint Paul in the early 1900s. The park is located near Irvine Park and the Science Museum where Chestnut Street, Eagle Street, and Ryan Avenue converge.
Peanuts On Parade

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Peanuts Tribute At Landmark Park

Peanuts On Parade
After the successful Peanuts tributes in the early 2000s, the City of Saint Paul decided to install a permanent tribute to the characters created by Charles Schulz. A series of bronze figures of between three and four feet tall were commissioned. Unlike the mass produced fiberglass statues, these figures would be shown in poses typical of what was seen in past cartoon strips. In addition, the figures would have smooth surfaces to be kid friendly. Patty and Marcie are on the east side of Rice Park, while Chuck, Schroeder, Lucy, Linus, and Sally are across the street in Landmark Park, both located in downtown Saint Paul.
Peanuts On Parade
There is no relationship quite like that between a boy and his dog. Charlie Brown is sitting under a huge tree enjoying the shade and spending time with Snoopy, while Snoopy is dreaming of being a World War I Flying Ace, a world famous writer, or of being the first beagle to land on the moon.
Peanuts On Parade

Peanuts On Parade
Marcie Johnson is Peppermint Patty's best friend. While Patty is an athlete, Marcie is an intellectual. It would not be uncommon to see her reading a book even on a warm summer afternoon. In the view below, we see Woodstock (the bird) is reading over Marcie's shoulder.
Peanuts On Parade

Peanuts On Parade
Peppermint Patty is a star athlete. While her baseball team regularly beats, trounces, and even destroys Charlie Brown's team, in this scene, we see Patty playing football.
Peanuts On Parade

Peanuts On Parade
Above we see Sally Brown (left), Charlie Brown's little sister, and Linus van Pelt (right) discussing the events of the day. Linus likes to see himself as a mentor. Sally is in love with Linus. In the view below, we see that Sally has a gift for her 'sweet babboo', but Linus will have no part of it.
Peanuts On Parade

Peanuts On Parade
Lucy van Pelt (right) is seen listening to Schroeder (left) play the piano. Lucy is in love with Schroeder, but Schroeder's love is playing the music of Beethoven.
Peanuts On Parade

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