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US Manned Spacecraft History And Photography
OV-104 Atlantis
Kennedy Space Center
Titusville, FL

Space Shuttle Atlantis

• Serial Number:OV-104
• Nickname:Atlantis
• First Launch Date:10-3-1985
• Status:Retired
Space shuttle OV-104 Atlantis. Shown here following a ferry flight to Rockwell in Palmdale, California, for a mid-life refit. The 747 shuttle carrier aircraft is also visible in this photo.

Update—On April 12, 2011, NASA announced that Atlantis would be retired to the Visitor Center at Kennedy Space Center in Titusville, FL. A purpose-built display building is under construction at KSC. The shuttle will be suspended upside-down with its cargo bay doors open just like it operated when in earth orbit.

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