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Atomic Clock

Sorry, IE Is Not Supported

This clock provides 10 seconds of real-time atomic clock data from the US Naval Observatory in Washington D.C. Press "Reload" to restart the display.

This clock may not work with all browsers. Older versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer has a bug in their support for the multipart/x-mixed-replace mine type. Older versions of Safari also fail to display this clock, while Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape, and Opera displays it correctly.

Here is the HTML code to call the Atomic Clock display:

<img src=" zone=CDT|ticks=10" alt="Sorry, Your Bowser Is Not Supported">

An alternative to the animated clock is this static time display. It should work with all browsers since it downloads as a standard web bitmap image.

Static Atomic Clock Display

Here is the HTML code to call this time display:

<img src="">

Another option is to display a clock in the status bar at the bottom of your browser screen. This clock is based your local PC time. It works best if you set up your workstation to synchronize its clock with an Internet time standard. Again, browser support varies with the version of your browser.

Here is the JAVAscript code for the local time display below. Place this code in the <Head> section of your HTML page.

<script type="javascript">
function showTime() {
  var now = new Date()
  var hrs = now.getHours()
  var mins = now.getMinutes()
  var secs = now.getSeconds()
  var mm = ((hrs>11) ? " PM" : " AM")
  hrs=((hrs>12) ? (hrs-12) : hrs)
  hrs=((hrs==0) ? 12 : hrs)
  var disp = "Local Time: " + hrs + ":"
  disp += ((mins<10) ? "0" : "" ) + mins + ":"
  disp += ((secs<10) ? "0" : "" ) + secs + mm
  status = disp

To actually run this script, add the following code to your <body> tag:

<body onLoad="showTime()">

Thanks to the US Navy for providing on-line access to the atomic clock time services. For more information, visit the US Naval Observatory, Time Service Department, at

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