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US Manned Spacecraft History And Photography
Gemini 6-A
Oklahoma State History Museum
Oklahoma City, OK

Gemini 6

• Serial Number:1858
• Mission:Gemini GT-06 (6-A)
• Nickname:N/A
• Crew:Schirra, Stafford
• Launch Date:12-15-1965
• Flight Duration:25 Hours, 51 Minutes
This is Gemini 6-A, on display at the Oklahoma State History Museum in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. This spacecraft was on display at the Saint Louis Science Center for many years. When the Science Center did a major remodel, Gemini 6-A was sent to the Kansas State Cosmosphere to be refurbished. The Science Center received Gemini 3-A, a test article, in return. The restored Gemini 6-A then went on display in Oklahoma City in the new state history museum building.

Gemini 6 was scheduled to be launched prior to Gemini 7. However, the target rocket that Gemini 6 was to dock with exploded shortly after launch. As a result, Gemini 6 was postponed, and Gemini 7 was flown. A new mission profile was worked out where Gemini 6 would fly in formation with Gemini 7. The new mission was named 6-A, and it was carried out flawlessly.

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