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US Manned Spacecraft History And Photography
Gemini 9
Kennedy Space Center
Titusville, FL

Gemini 9

• Serial Number:2327
• Mission:Gemini GT-09
• Nickname:None
• Crew:Stafford, Cernan
• Launch Date:6-03-1966
• Flight Duration:72 Hours, 20 Minutes
Gemini 9 spacecraft on display at the NASA Kennedy Space Center Visitor's Center in Titusville, Florida. Flight GT-9 had two major objectives, to dock with an Agena rocket, and to do an extended space walk. The first Agena rocket failed to make orbit. A second Agena was launched, but when Gemini 9 reached it in orbit, they found that the shroud had failed to detach. That lead to a scrub of the docking, but they did successfully locate and rendezvous with the Agena. The space walk also had problems, first with Cernan’s visor fogging up, and later with Cernan becoming exhausted and only barely having the strength left to get back in the Gemini spacecraft and closing the hatch.

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