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Highways, Byways, And Bridge Photography
Tark Road Bridge Site
Former County Highway 436 Saint Louis River Crossing
Toivola, MN

Tark Road Bridge Site

• Structure ID: N/A
• Location: River Mile 104
• River Elevation: 1,255 Feet
• Highway: Former Saint Louis County Highway 436
• Daily Traffic Count: 0, Bridge Has Been Removed
• Bridge Type: N/A
• Bridge Length: N/A
• Bridge Width: N/A
• Navigation Channel Width: Non-Navigable
• Height Above Water: N/A
• Date Built: ???
Tark Road once crossed the Saint Louis River at this location. The bridge has been closed since at least 1991. There are no remains of the bridge other than the overgrown roadways that lead to both sides of the Saint Louis River. I do not know when the bridge was first built, what kind of bridge it was, or when it was removed. It is listed on a 1987 topographical map, but those maps are not necessarily up to date on bridge removals.

The photo above is looking east across the Saint Louis River a the site of the former Tark Road Bridge. The photo below is the street sign where Tark Road begins on the west side of the Saint Louis River.

Tark Road Bridge Site
Tark Road Bridge Site
The photo above is the road closed signs where Tark Road now ends at the intersection with Yoki Road, also known as County Road 434, on the west side of the river. The photo below is the start of our walk down the road leading to the bridge site. The road is overgrown, but local landowners are still using this as an access road.

Tark Road Bridge Site
Tark Road Bridge Site
The photo above reveals that there is a second road closed sign hiding behind the clump of brush visible in the photo above. There is also a yellow and black striped sign barely visible in the brush just beyond the red and white striped signs. The photo below is a earthen berm that was put up across the road after the bridge was closed. The berm has since been breached to allow access to the river.

Tark Road Bridge Site
Tark Road Bridge Site
The photo above is the end of the road at the edge of the Saint Louis River. Trees have already grown up where the bridge once stood. A landowner has mowed the grass where he maintains a campsite and a boat dock. The photo below is looking directly across the towards the remains of the embankment at the end of Tark Road on the east side of the river. It appears that there is a person standing near the edge of the river on the left side of this photo. That is a trick of the light. It is two tree trunks side by side with a sliver of light shining through the tree leaves.

Tark Road Bridge Site

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