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Highways, Byways, And Bridge Photography

I-35W Bridge Collapse Disaster

Third Edition — May 30, 2012

Photo Courtesy FBI
Photo Courtesy FBI Photo Archive

The busy Interstate Highway I-35W Bridge near downtown Minneapolis collapsed into the Mississippi River just after 6:05 PM on Wednesday, August 1, 2007, at the height of the evening rush hour. It took just 13 seconds for the 1,900 foot long structure to fall 116 feet, taking with it 84 cars, 200 motorists, and several construction workers. While many people miraculously survived, 144 people were injured and 13 killed. All who survived will forever remember that terrifying plunge into the water in what we now know is a disaster that should never have been allowed to happen.

The I-35W Bridges
Bridge #9430 - The Old I-35W Bridge
The New I-35W St. Anthony Falls Bridge

The Bridge Collapse
Materials Prepared For The Media
Views From The Guthrie Theater
Views From Northern Pacific Bridge #9
Views From The 10th Avenue Bridge
Views From Around The Security Zone
Bridge Collapse Myths
Bridge Collapse Conspiracy Theories
Update On The Accident Investigation
The Final Verdict
Remembrance Garden Memorial
Remembrance Garden At Night

The New I-35W Bridge In Action
A Photo Tour Of The New I-35W Bridge
Crossing The New I-35W Bridge - NB
Crossing The New I-35W Bridge - SB
I-35W Bridge Winter Views
I-35W Bridge Up Close
Viewing The I-35W Bridge
I-35W Bridge Walking Tour

  Building The New I-35W Bridge
Construction Photos - 50% Complete
Construction Photos - 80% Complete
Construction Photos - 98% Complete
Hi-Rez Photos - 99% Complete

I-35W Highway Detours
I-35W Detour - Northbound via MN-280
I-35W Detour - Southbound via MN-280
I-35W Detour - Northbound via 10th Ave
I-35W Detour - Southbound via 10th Ave

The New I-35W Bridge At Night
The I-35W Bridge At Night
The I-35W Bridge Light Shows
The I-35W Bridge In The Pink
The I-35W Bridge On Homecoming
The I-35W Bridge At Halloween
The I-35W Bridge Veterans Tribute
The I-35W Bridge On St. Patrick's Day
The I-35W Bridge In Safety Orange
The I-35W Bridge On Memorial Day
The I-35W Bridge Pride Fest Rainbow
The I-35W Bridge Lit Up In Gold
The I-35W Bridge On Christmas
The I-35W Bridge On Unity Day
The I-35W Bridge World Polio Day
The I-35W Bridge Prince Tribute

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