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Highways, Byways, And Bridge Photography
Renville Co 6 - Redwood Co 6 Bridge
Minnesota River Highway Crossing
Delhi, MN

Renville Co 6 - Redwood Co 6 Bridge

• Structure ID: NBI: 65532.
• Location: River Mile 223.8.
• River Elevation: 837 Feet.
• Highway: Renville Co 6, Redwood Co 6.
• Daily Traffic Count: 415 (2003).
• Bridge Type: Steel Girder, Concrete Deck.
• Length: 371 Feet.
• Width: 36 Feet, 2 Lanes.
• Navigation Channel Width: Non-Navigable.
• Height Above Water: 36 Feet.
• Date Built: 1975.
The County 6 - County 6 bridge is a very typical steel girder bridge with a concrete deck and the older style guardrails. The distinguishing features of this bridge are the brown color of the girders, the T-shaped piers, and the all-concrete guardrails. This bridge is one of several similar bridges in rural Renville County that crosses the Minnesota River using county roads. The common theme is that these bridges were all built about the same time, they are all about the same dimensions, and they are all in good shape today.

The bridge has one rather unusual feature, and that is a metal plate with big overlapping fingers that is located just above the joints between the bridge and the abutment. While this arrangement makes for a smooth ride, one would not expect it to hold up in places where they use snowplows.

The photo above is a view looking north down the length of the bridge deck towards Renville County from the center of Redwood County highway 6. The photo below is a view looking north across the Minnesota River along the upriver west face of the structure.

Renville Co 6 - Redwood Co 6 Bridge
Renville Co 6 - Redwood Co 6 Bridge
These two photos are views of the expansion joint located on the south end of the bridge deck. Expansion joints are very common on bridges. This metal style joint is commonly used on larger bridges. This style is not commonly used in Minnesota due to issues with snowplow blades. Rather, a rubber joint is more commonly used in this area.

Renville Co 6 - Redwood Co 6 Bridge
Renville Co 6 - Redwood Co 6 Bridge
These two photos are views of the remains of the old bridge at this location. Both views are looking west from the deck of the 1975 structure. The photo above is the south bridge abutment. The abutment appears to be in excellent shape, and still has parts of the bridge railing attached. The photo below is the north side of the old river crossing. Pavement leading to the bridge still exists, and the bridge abutment appears be visible through the brush.

Renville Co 6 - Redwood Co 6 Bridge

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